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Sunday, February 13, 2011
  of thanks giving and the good times

if you wanna move forward; you've gotta stretch yourself. how apt

Chinese New Year 2011

Pre-Enlistment Shaving Party @ Aziel's
double-pony tailed witch that has been subtly growing on aziel's scalp, slowly feeding off his subconsciousness

Cash studio with the PA kids

19th Bday Cake from PA kids + Mendel & Chris

Solitary Sunday Afternoon spent consolidating thoughts; cest la vie
Sunday, February 06, 2011

slow dancing in liangkai's living room with Toffee on a chu er.

k how about one of the most awesome song ever

Few of my dearest friends are moving on to their next phase in life entitled 'Army Daze' this week.Somehow i feel really excited for them. Results collection in less than one month's time and it isn't helping to alleviate this sensation at all. Suspense can indeed be quite a bitch at times & it always feels longer when you're living through it but i'm sure we'll all move on pretty soon for one month's time is shorter than you know it.
Monday, January 24, 2011

Timber wolves

The secret behaviors of the timber wolves revealed in this photograph ascribe almost human attributes within the realm of affection and offerings of familial respect. We see activity pictured that normally stays well hidden from the human eye. It touches our heart and leaves us feeling as though a pet has just wandered through our mind leaving a lasting impression as less than fearless creature, but a caring and giving huggable friend. Yet their complexities we know exist.

This reminds me of Night Cycling with the BB dudes last night ; the brotherhood that kept us going on and not succumbing to fatigue.

Traded a whole night of adventure and fun in exchange for a soring ass, great deal indeed.
Monday, May 03, 2010
  Life is Choice/Perspective
5th Month into the year 2010 and yet its my 1st post.
Not to worry, as much as i have seemed to abandon this personal URL of mine, i have not.
Contrary to that, in fact i have been wanting to document fragments of my 2010 & the last few months of 2009 into this space here, but attempts have been frail.
I suppose its due to the fact that my intentions are not fervent enough to be manifested.
More than often, i would subscribe to deluding myself to believe that i am able to recall the insights & inspirations that come to me in the spur of the moment at any point i want to when it is actually, highly impossible.

As i delve deeper in to JC2 life, i have been gaining more insights, primarily because i joined the School Of Thought. It has offered me so much paradigms to ponder upon. I have come to learn that Life is Perspective and i am a strong advocate of such a believe.

At the core of our existence,man is essentially in a perpetual search for advancement of his Will. Will is the ability to choose & One of the most fundamental advancements is the development of choice. Even then, there are so much tangibles & intangibles out there that limit our choices.

Life is Perspective & Choice. Our world is integrated, people & places connect & in our generation, Perspective & Choice are not mutually exclusive and i guess this is due to the evolution of time and space.

I definitely hope i am making more sense out of my life right now but a small part of me reminds me daily that i am doing so at the expanse of complicating my internal reality sometimes. I have also been in the search of various faiths/beliefs recently. In my attempt to simplify matters, sometimes my original agenda do backfires. Life is such irony & yet this is what makes it interesting.
Monday, November 16, 2009
I've been enjoying my post PW period until this morning.

In the midst of having all sorts of fun, i had been subconsciously ill-treating my health.
Apart from which, the horrid weather ain't making things any better.

Result : I'm down with conjunctivitis( swollen eye + eyesore ) in case you have totally no idea.

Went to the DOC. & requested for anything that can help me recover by the next day.
The thought of skipping dance is indeed horrifying, am already faring badly, cannot lag behind any further.

The doctor prescribed some eye drops & eye lubricant WHICH COSTS $10!
The pharmacists thought he was inexperienced and changed the lubricant to one that costs $0.60 instead.

I left the Polyclinic with a 3 days MC, eye drops & eye lubricants.

I'd rather EYEMO as compared to all these though, they're my Deus Exmachina to the eye irritations, ok maybe not but somewhere close.

So, I'd been hanging around all day attempting to get myself in good shape or at least rid off the swollen eyes in order to exhibit my visage, ha!

There's progress but i still need my shades or people will just freak out.

I spent my whole day looking like a Peter Chao, & its rather cool to be imitating your idol > : ) .

Chao, outside!
Sunday, November 08, 2009

Time waits for no man?

Startles me how quickly time slips off your fingers when you stop noticing.
I have not posted anything substantial for 12 weeks and i must say the time seemed much shorter while i was living through them.

Yet to thank dancequeen-ruishan for revamping the layout. thanks ah!
have totally no idea how these html codes operate, all i know is copy&paste encodings. ha!

So, what's up?

I had been trying to look at things on a broader perspective since cause i realised my scope of vision was simply too narrow.

I have then stole the chance to catch Hannah Montana the Movie & yes, it is awesome.
After much research, I'm really impressed by the Cyrus' Family's talents.

Have been watching quite a fair bit of Movies lately & below are some of my top recommendations.

They all share something in common, and that, being the emotions of every character are drawn out really well.

My post promos period is kept occupied with the highly adored PW & dance.
Speaking of which, PW is coming to a closure in less than 5 days time & that will mark the end of
this year's Academia curriculum.

Apart from which, i am still socially active.

Went to the Night Safari Halloween with the NDP dudes 2 weeks ago, was not exactly very thrilling though but i was great to have met up with them ha!

I am faring badly in conditioning exercises, diet & sometimes sleep.
Signed up AVVENTURA 2010 with Aziel under the Team name : Mudakoambalagan
& it'll be my remedy to all that.

Training starts tonight.

After spending my past 4 nights at my Grand Aunt's wake, having lots of insightful conversations with my relatives, I've been feeling thinking a lot about everything.

Anyway, i have incurred this dreamy sensation since the conversation with Natalie last night but it'll come to an end soon as OP is on the prowl.

These things that i have mentioned are giving me thoughts of relinquishing my past plans and embracing new ones.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


gina, thanks for your lil treat!

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